SQL Server Performance and Optimization Training

This is my first attempt at writing a blog post, and I was urged to do this for the chance of attending SQLSkills training in Chicago this October. All the details are found here: https://www.sqlskills.com/sql-server-training/chicago-iepto1-20171002/

The reason I am posting is in hopes of being selected the winner to attend the training class for free. I would love to attend this course, even at full price, for the following reasons:

  1. Paul Randal and his team are fantastic at providing amazing information about how SQL Server works, and present the highest quality information on how to troubleshoot and tune queries in SQL Server.
  2. As their site indicates, they not only show what a performance technique is, but also the how and the why behind performing those techniques. This translates into a thorough understanding of the technique so that it can be implemented in real-world scenarios, which, if you’ve ever gone to tech training, you know a lot of times you learn “fluffy-cool” stuff, but can never put it to any use when you get back to work.
  3. My current role is working in a shop where the software is all developed in-house. Having the tools and knowledge to be able to support the databases and give the developers alternatives to what is currently in use, and tell them (show them) why it’s better to do it “this way” rather than “that way” will be invaluable.
  4. I’ve been working in DBA roles with SQL Server for 15 years, and if I’ve learned anything it is this–there’s always more to learn. With 100% accuracy, I tell people that it is a rare day at work if I don’t learn something new about SQL Server. As you can tell (from how long I’ve been a DBA), I started with SQL Server 2000 and have only grown fonder of this robust RDBMS as new versions are released. That being said, with each new release, there’s cool stuff added, sometimes a lot, and much of it I don’t personally get to play with. But since our code is generated internally, others get to play and sometimes implement code that depends on new features…which makes being a DBA so worthwhile.
  5. Since I earned my MCSE – Data Platform and MCSE – Business Intelligence in 2015, I haven’t been to any formalized training. I certainly don’t want to get rusty!! It’s always refreshing to get away from “the grind” and get my head above water to find out that there are “island retreats” full of knowledge not too far away.
  6. If I win and get to go to the training, I will beg, plead, and swindle any way I can to get my employer to chip-in for part 2 of the class, https://www.sqlskills.com/sql-server-training/chicago-iepto2-20171009/, which goes hand in hand with the first class. What an amazing 2 weeks it will be!!!
  7. Who knows…I might even get to go to a Bears game while I’m there. 🙂

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